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Can’t tag people on Facebook fan page fix

can't tag anyone but friends on my Facebook fan page.

It is truly annoying at best when things change and you don’t know why it changed, when it changed, if it is something you did or if there is more to it. Well, you’ll find answers here to none of this other than how to get it back and working almost like it used to work. Fix to tag people on your Facebook fan page. Read more →

Compete within the top 5 positions online

Being at the top of search engines is very important. But it is not the only factor that you should be paying close attention to for marketing. Let’s say for instance that you’ve worked very hard at being the top three for a certain keyword. You are now consistently in the top three spaces and getting traffic. Yet bounce rates are higher than you want and sales conversion is poor. This is where traditional marketing becomes necessary. Each page needs to be reviewed and created with the human reader in mind. Read more →

SEO for Google Voice Search

First, when will people be using Google Voice Search?

- In the car
- Searches too long to type
- Kids playing with the feature
- Situations where you can not type
- Disabled or unable to type physically
- One hand is busy (kitchen for instance)
- Mobile/iPad/Home Theaters
- Too lazy to type

Using Google has always been clean, simple and easy mainly because people want to type as little as possible to get the right results. But now with the introduction of Google’s new search by voice feature things may change. Some of the reasons here are just me being silly or thinking of initially use while the Google Search feature is new. But real search volume will no doubt come from those using hands free devices such as in the car, searches too long to type, or those who physically can not type. But will this way of searching change the way we need to optimize our website? Read more →

Quick intro beyond Google Analytic’s Basics

Google’s Analytics can tell you information about your website’s traffic, content and usage in a simple to use and well organized manner. Most people can use it right out of the box. But what if you have questions behind the given answers? That is where GA’s custom reports comes in handy and I’ll try to cover it in this brief blog post.

Statistically speaking statistics are not facts. Rather they are a perspective look upon facts. Take, for instance, if your GA’s report says 1,000 people came to your website. Okay, good. 300 of them read the latest blog post you wrote yesterday. Not bad. But you noticed you still have a bounce rate higher than you want (bounce rate is the percentage of people whom came to your site or page and left without going to a subsequent page). For our example let’s say the bounce rate was 50%. Read more →

Choosing an affordable SEO Company

First, what is SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, are techniques to make search engines list your website higher the search engine results page (SERPS). SEO placement is simply optimizing or modifying a website to be seen as the best choice for keywords and key-phrases by search engines. It can be over-done and actually harm your search engine’s placement online. So, before you simply focus on search engine optimization pricing, make sure you know and trust the company you are selecting. Finding affordable SEO shouldn’t end up costing you more in the end, right? Read more →

Miami SEO & Social Media

Affordable SEO Packages now has an office on the East Coast offering SEO in Miami. No, it’s not your retirement town in Florida. It’s Miami. Long beaches, spicy restaurants and nightlife along with an early rising team now to offer SEO & Social Media Optimization to the East Coast and any early risers in the rest of the US. We are still dedicated to search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media networking and website design — just expanding. Read more →