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DIY SEO Help – We’ll help you along the way!

We’ve created special discounted seo packages that offers help to those with limited budgets and/or want to do some of the work themselves. DIY SEO can be a difficult task even after reading all about it online. Cheap SEO by doing it yourself can be confusing and even hurt your website’s good standing with search engines.

“What is new, what is bad to still do online, what happened now, where should I focus?” We are here to help.

Think of these DIY SEO packages as hiring a consultant to do just the hard parts of SEO, helping you to understand the easy and then showing you the steps to take over and move forward with internet marketing on your own. These cheap SEO packages are based on your site’s search engine optimization needs and the size of your site too since we’ll be addressing the on-site coding and optimization as our part of the work.

DIY SEO Doesn’t Mean Less Success

The more advanced DIY SEO packages listed here offer assistance with social marketing, viral marketing, blogging and even web design. If you have any questions, just ask. Visit our contact page or call (323) 546-7873.

What do you get with our DIY SEO Plan?

We’ll review your website for any errors in code, content or optimization to help it be fully search engine ready. Page by page we will optimize your content (after a full website backup to prevent any errors). Included with our DIY SEO, we will create call-to-action buttons to help drive more traffic to action such as viewing product pages or joining your mailing list. Plus, we’ll add tracking software to help you understand what is happening on your website in terms of traffic (where they came from online, how they got there, what they seek, what pages they viewed and possibly why they left before buying/calling).

Second in our DIY SEO package, we’ll create a guide for you to follow to promote your website through online methods such as press releases, publications, back links, blogging and social media. This report will include your best keywords to use to avoid competing with everyone else helping you to find keywords in your industry no one is using or is less saturated. This do-it-yourself SEO guide will show you what you can do to promote as your business grows. Plus it puts you in front of your clients allowing you to be better engaged and ready for questions and sales.

Each month we’ll review with you how good your site is performing, how well your DIY SEO is working to making positive changes in your site’s search ranking and what still needs attention. It’s perfect for those who like hands-on and just need a pro to guide them to do it right, review the work and make sure everything is on track for success.

SEO 100


5 Pages
Full On-Site SEO

SEO 500


30 Pages
Full On-Site SEO

Get Started Now with DIY SEO

Select a plan from above to get started or visit our contact page or call (323) 546-7873 to learn more about our DIY SEO plans.

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